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Theme change, maybe or maybe not

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I’m not overly thrilled with this theme.  It’s b&w and simple and doesn’t have many fancy colors, which is what I want.  I want my pages to be able to load quickly in any browser, pad, and phone.  Having many colors and various ‘things’ to load will only frustrate people, so the simpler the better.

However, I am not thrilled with some of the aspects such as the colors of the links, recent posts, blogs I am starting to ‘officially’ follow via my WP account  (as opposed to viewing them every once in awhile).  I’ve tooled around with the theme and am not finding many things I can modify.

So…..the question now becomes Which Theme Do A Change To, and advancing that to another degree, Do I Stay With A Free Theme Or Do I Pay For One?

The good news with all of this experimentation is that I AM learning the WP interface.

Stay tuned and rock on.