My Beliefs

• I believe in fate.
• I believe in the butterfly effect and the whole ripples on a pond thing.
• I believe that things happen for a reason and that we are all somehow connected.
• I believe my dog is smart, and if she could talk she would tell us that this is her world and we should be happy to live in it with her.
• I have learned to believe that counting to ten is a good strategy to use before speaking.
• I believe we are all destined for something.
• I believe we all have a soul mate out there and I am blessed that I found mine over 30 years ago.
• I worship at the church of Bruce and believe there is a higher power, or a god, or something, and that it is guiding us the best that they can.
• I believe in the power that music has on our wellbeing, that music can soothe your soul and that it can allow you to escape your life for a while.
• I believe we can all change and learn and grow and that changing and growing should never stop.
• And finally, I believe that life goes on and will continue to go on, whether we like it or not, so when life gets you down (and it will), keep moving because it will get better.


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